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Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin Crustini’s with Chutney

We’re back into “smut night” (aka The Bachelorette Season 11, where Kaitlyn and Britt, two stunning women stood side by side as the limos rolled up and 25 handsome men did their best to leave lasting impressions… but in a shocking twist, also had to cast their votes to determine that Kaitlyn will be the one they compete for over […]

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Shrimp Pizza with Fresh Arugula

Looking for dinner ideas recently, I was rummaging through the fridge of ingredients that I had on hand so that I could come up with a homemade pizza that would combat my cravings!  Bill had pulled the pre-made Trader Joe’s dough from the freezer earlier as I planned to prepare some sort of thin crust variety!  I found […]

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Meyer Lemon Soup

Back in February Bill and I attended the 12th Annual Beringer Vineyard’s Valentines Day Dinner that was prepared by Executive Chef Maurine Sarjeant.  The first course wine was a 2013 Beringer Private Reserve Napa Valley Chardonnay, paired with one of the lightest and most refreshing dishes I’ve ever tasted.  Chef prepared an amazing Meyer Lemon Soup […]

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Ranch and Blue Cheese Wedge Salad

Who doesn’t love good old iceberg lettuce salad?  It’s the lettuce that I grew up with and ate just about every night with dinner.  It seems to have a bad reputation of being low in nutrients, whic is not exactly true; it’s just simply lower in nutrients than some other types of lettuce.  In recent years iceberg lettuce has […]

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Mini Ham, Gruyere and Swiss Sandwiches

Years ago, I enjoyed some little individually wrapped ham sandwiches that a friend brought to a weekend gathering.  Her’s were gooey and the flavors outstanding!  This is my version based on my recollection of what was in them; utilizing ingredients that I had on hand in my fridge and pantry.  These little Mini sandwiches prepared with freshly baked dinner rolls, […]

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