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I received some popover pans as a gift some time ago and wondered what is the difference between popovers and Yorkshire pudding?  The batter is almost the same as what I use for making crepes so no wonder I love them herunterladen!  Yorkshire puddings are savory and they are usually made with fat drippings either […]

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2015 Salsa

So I’ve been making salsa for years.  This year my daughter-in-law to be’s folks Vonnie and Chad wanted to tackle the job together.  I decided to reach out to our friend Rick to see if he was willing to share his method because I always remember his salsa rocked!  He did share a couple of […]

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Baked Apples with Sweet Brandy Sauce and Blue Cheese

So I was hosting a dinner party last weekend and wondering what I could serve as a healthier option dessert.  I love apple season and really wonder why we save the crisps, and pies for fall?  A baked apple is one of the easiest healthy desserts to make.  Leaving out the crust actually can be […]

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Roasted Prime Rib

I rarely have an epic failure while in the kitchen, but a few weeks back – I was terribly disappointed with a rather large cut of meat I was cooking while following instructions, rather than going with my heart… and it really ticked me off!  No, it wasn’t a prime rib roast, but it was […]

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Fresh White Bean, Lemon Salad

I decided to make this salad after taking the recent pressure cooker class.  I wasn’t tasked to prepare the beans themselves that day, but did help assemble a salad similar, preparing the vinaigrette download protected images.  Green, black, white, pink, or red and shaped like tiny spheres, strings, or kidneys: Beans come in all colors, […]

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