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Ham (Yellow Split Pea) Soup

So Bill and I were having the kids over recently for a Sunday visit and dinner… Some of my kids and their significant others are a little on the fussy side, so I was careful what I called the soup!  I had been craving split peas soup and all I had on hand were the […]

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Crab Cakes

I like ordering Crab Cakes when we go out to dinner.  I find that so many people have different ideas about how they should taste and have also noticed the texture can be very different, depending on where you might find them on the menu! I watch the Food Network regularly and many of my […]

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Mexican Bean Layer Casserole

Can you say “Girls night in for the Bachelor”?  Let me explain… For years, Monday nights getting together for the show is an excuse for girl time.  There is a few I can count on weekly (Jen, Mel, Eileen and I) get together for a huge variety of terrific food, adult beverages and “cackling like […]

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Turkey Meatballs with Marinara

This meal was inspired by Bill’s request… He was hungry for “bigger” meatballs.  My goal was to make a flavorful, but low “point” (Weight Watchers Points Plus) meal since yesterday I over did it a bit and with a cold – just didn’t feel like going to the gym this morning! I’m including Weight Watchers Points™ […]

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Buffalo Chicken Mac ‘N Cheese

This dish was created with some of our favorite flavors found leftover on hand in the fridge.  I combined leftover Broasted Chicken and Al dente’ pasta, along with some perfectly delicious extra’s on hand.  Since I’m watching my points, I was able to keep the Weight Watchers count to a minimum while the rest of the […]

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