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Country Pork Rib Soup

Written By: Chris - Apr• 03•12

Recently during dinner, I was thinking ahead and knew that the following day was going to be an exhausting one since we were going to be working in my gardens.  I’ve been there, done that and recall that after five or six hours pulling foliage, bending over and cleaning for spring – I knew that I wasn’t going to feel like cooking or going out to eat!

Since we’re trying to eat better, I thought that ordering Pizza deliver probably wouldn’t be a great idea either… so threw together an easy, but delicious crock pot recipe!  Our friends Dave and Heather had been working in their yard too, so they joined us for a nice quiet evening and dinner was pretty much made by its self all day while we did the yard work!

The citrus adds a bright and refreshing twist!

6 – 4 oz. Boneless Pork Ribs
Lowrey’s Season Salt
Granulated Garlic

Crock Pot:
1 large Onion
2 large Potatoes
4 Tablespoons Chicken Stock (soup starter)
6 Cups Water
2 Clementines
5 Garlic cloves
Salt * Pepper
2 packages Pork Gravy
4 Tablespoons Johny’s Au Jus concentrate

Start by seasoning the pork ribs.  Mine was slightly frozen inside, so they stuck together in one big roast.  There were actually four or so boneless pork ribs.


Clean and chop veggies in nice even sized chunks.


Brown the ribs on a hot grill and mix soup starter with the water


Add vegetables and boneless ribs to crock pot that has been sprayed with non stick spray.
Cover with broth and arrange cut up clementines including the skin on.
Crush garlic over the top


Stow away in the refrigerator until morning.
Start crock pot on high for first two hours or so and turn to low.
Allow slow cooker to do its magic!


Slow cook until pork is tender and can be shredded with a fork.
Discard oranges completely and add Au Jus to flavoring.





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