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Fall Salad Greens, Apple, Blue Cheese with Cinnamon Nut Clusters

Written By: Chris - Oct• 08•13

I was inspired to make this salad when I spotted these amazing cinnamon pecan and cashew clusters at Costco.  I had some creamy, mild blue cheese left over from a social gathering and happen to have some crisp apples on hand that my friend Jen had just given me from the farmers market.  We often try to eat dark greens, but also like the crisp crunch of romaine lettuce.  Bill and I have grown really fond of Arugula, also known as “Salad Rocket”.  It is peppery in flavor and looks like a longer-leaved, open lettuce.  We often use it in raw in salads with a vinaigrette, or it can be used as a garnish.  I’ve heard it can be cooked, but the only way I’ve eaten it warm was as a topping to flat bread pizza.   It contains “good stuff” that can help combat cancer-causing elements in the body which is good, but we eat it because it really just tastes good.  Arugula is also a great source of folic acid and Vitamins A, C and K.  As one of the best vegetable sources of Vitamin K, it provides a boost for bone and brain health.  According to FULL CIRCLE, I was amused to hear that Arugula can actually make you sexy!  Centuries ago Romans discovered an unlikely quality of this leafy green. Finding that those who ate it on a regular basis were more sexually energized, it became revered as a powerful aphrodisiac. It has since been used as a sensual enhancer throughout many regions of the world, and often combined with other aphrodisiac herbs like lavender and chicory to create a somewhat of a love potion.  Who knew?  Have fun with that, but I think you’ll enjoy this salad filled with crisp fall flavors!


This salad is basically a combination of Arugula, and Romaine lettucce topped with crispy Honey Crisp apples.  The apple’s sweetness, firmness, and tartness makes it ideal for eating raw.  I just julienned one small apple for two salads and topped it all with a bit of the nuts and blue cheese.

This is a seasonal nut cluster from Costco contains Pecans and Cashews, along with dried apples and peaches that have all been coated in a cinnamon sweetness.


I used my Thyme Vinaigrette  to top this and it was scrumptious!





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