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Fried Pickle Roll up Egg Rolls

Written By: Chris - Nov• 17•15

These pickle roll ups were a request from my son Andrew.  He had seen something on FaceBook and sent it to me.  Now, pickles are characteristically low in fat and calories amazon fire tv stick kodi.  They happen to contain a high amount vitamin K, which helps your blood clot after injury.  But I really don’t have anything healthy to report in this method of preparation at all anno 1602 for free in full version german.  They are however, a fun and delicious snack that are worth making to share with others, so that you don’t eat them all yourself!

I typically keep some of the egg roll wrappers and/or won ton skins on hand in the fridge because they are a great vessel to put just about anything into and are easy to make into quick appetizers wie kann man bei grundschule arbeitsblätter downloaden!  These roll ups are good even at room temperature.  I made them for a friends gathering and they didn’t last long.

fried pickle roll ups


Dill Pickles
Cream Cheese, softened
Corned Beef or Pastrami
Egg Roll or Wonton Wrappers
Water, to seal wrappers
Sunflower and/or Grape seed Oil, for frying

Start by drying the pickle spears on paper towels fortnite kostenlos herunterladen auf pc.
Place the pickle on the desired amount of meat.
I warmed the cheese in the microwave and used a zip top bag with the corner cut, so that I could squeeze a stip of it (about 2 tablespoons) along side of the pickle herunterladen.

egg roll wrapper

Roll the meat around the pickle and cheese and place the meat roll onto the wrapper that has been placed in the direction of a diamond download apps voor ios.  (a point at the bottom, top and each side)

Moisten each corner of the wrapper with your fingertip that has been dipped into the cool water anstoss 3.
Beginning at the bottom, place the bottom tip up over the pickle and cheese that has been wrapped in the meat and roll upward, as you would an egg roll until you reach the side points bmw inpa download deutsch kostenlos win 10.  Fold each one in, tucking in the sides as you continue rolling tightly until the top tip is contoured around the entire filling.

Heat oil.  You can tell it’s ready when you insert the stem of a wooden spoon into the oil and the oil bubbles around the stick sims 3 free mobile phone.  (somewhere between 325 and 350 degrees)

Place the pickle seam side down first and continue to turn until they are beautifully browned Download vavoo for free.
Allow access oil to drain on paper towels.


Allow to cool somewhat before biting into them because the filling will be hot!





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