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Grilled Ahi (Yellow Fin) Tuna with Balsamic

Written By: Chris - Sep• 07•12

We love, love, love Ahi!  But I don’t always want to have it prepared Asian style.  So the other day when I found some beautiful yellow fin steaks, I decided to go with our favorite seasonal tomatoes and fresh herb flavors!  We have an abundance of fresh flat leaf parsley and basil on hand right now.  I’ve mentioned in the past that you need to sniff and make sure you’re fish is fresh!  I found that our local Costco is now carrying “wild” yellow fin from time to time – and at a better price than my other go to grocery store.  Remember, don’t be afraid to ask the guy or gal behind the counter to allow you to smell the fish!  At Costco, I literally poke a small hole in the plastic and put my nose right in.  It should not smell “fishy”!  If it does, don’t buy it!  I do that with all fish before buying it now, because I’ve been burned.  At the price of Tuna in our area running right $15 or more a pound, it should be great!   Your fish should smell like fresh sea water with a little sweet scent.  Recently, I almost bought a large piece of Cod – but after the nose test, put it down as we would have been very disappointed.  It smelled terrible mit putty dateienen!


1 Yellow Fin (Ahi) Steak
1/3 Cup Balsamic Vinegar
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
1/4 Cup Flat Leaf Parsley, chopped
1/4 Cup Basil, chopped
pinch of Salt
Fresh Ground Black Pepper

Place the ingredients in a zip lock baggie and mix well.  Place tuna steak into the baggie and allow to sit in marinade for about an hour, but not much longer than that how to on youtube.

Place tuna steak onto a hot grill (you may need to spray grate with non-stick cooking spray), sear tuna and allow to cook without moving for about five minutes per side.  make sure to get some of the fresh herbs onto your steak as they crisp up delicious download apple stor!

Allow your steak to rest for about five minutes prior to slicing and serving.  This one steak was enough for two servings!  I prepared steamed rice, which included some basil and sun dried tomato seasoning from Pampered Chef as well as a Caprese Salad.  The instructions for balsamic reduction on the link.  Drizzle some of the reduction over the tuna and enjoy icloud inhalte herunterladen!

Since I made the wonderful meal, Bill treated me to a wonderful bottle of his favorite Verite wine herunterladen! WOW!! We were just there visiting the team and we miss them already!





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