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Grilled Cilantro Chicken Breasts

Written By: Chris - Sep• 21•15

I like to look for unique chutney’s and such when I’m in the kitchen department of my favorite home stores, like Home Goods sims 4 activation key.  You can find many great pasta items, special salts, infused olive oils, etc.  It’s nice to keep a few things in your pantry because you can make delicious dishes that are quick and easy and full of flavor even if you don’t have fresh herbs on hand Download android data extraction for free.  I pulled this Coriander Chutney made by SWAD from my pantry to doctor up our chicken breasts.  It is a forest green sauce made from a puree of fresh cilantro (coriander leaves), coconut powder, cumin powder, green chilies and lemon juice adobe flash player für firefox kostenlosen. It has a sharp flavor and tart aroma.  I was able to provide some variety to our chicken in just minutes!  This is a great way to prepare moist and delicious chicken breasts iphone video von facebook herunterladen.



2 Chicken Breasts, boneless, skinless
4 Tablespoons Coriander Chutney
1 Tablespoon Ground Cumin
Olive Oil
QUESO Chihuahua Cheese, shredded 
Salt & Pepper, to taste


Pound out the chicken breasts that have been rubbed with olive oil until they are equal thickness across mp3s downloaden.

coriander chutney IMG_0479

Rub about a tablespoon of chutney on both sides of the chicken breast word für windows 7 kostenlos downloaden.  Sprinkle with cumin and salt and pepper.  The key to perfect boneless, skinless chicken breasts is a quick sear followed by indirect grilling.  This is a type of meat that is easy to dry out, so seasoning them with some type of marinade or sauce helps retain the moisture download audio files internet.


Place the chicken breasts on the hot side of the grate, directly above the coals netflix kan niet downloaden op laptop. Sear the breasts for about three to four minutes per side, turning only once, until golden brown.  When the breasts are lightly browned, move them to the warm, or indirect, side of the gill herunterladen.  Close the lid and bring the grill temperature up to about 350 degrees.

IMG_0480 IMG_0483

While baking the chicken, I also take advantage of the grill; keeping the oven off inside by baking other side dishes in it as well instagram bilder und videos downloaden.  I prepared a baked, roasted beet salad and baked it on the top shelf to keep the heat out of the kitchen.  Use a meat thermometer to check for the doneness, which is 165 degrees.  I usually pull it at around 140 or hotter, and allow them to rest covered loosely with foil for five to ten minutes so that the juices settle back into the meat.  Sprinkle with a little shredded with cheese and allow enough time for it to melt a bit.

cheese IMG_0487

Keeping with the Mexican themed meal, we enjoyed my roasted corn and black bean salad as a refreshing side dish.


Bill paired this meal with a refreshing Rose’.  AIME ROQUESANTE, Cotes De Provence.  Outstanding!







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