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Ham (Yellow Split Pea) Soup

Written By: Chris - Mar• 15•12

So Bill and I were having the kids over recently for a Sunday visit and dinner… Some of my kids and their significant others are a little on the fussy side, so I was careful what I called the soup!  I had been craving split peas soup and all I had on hand were the yellow ones, not green.  Since I hadn’t made a ham recently, there was no bone to start with… Since I’m always being creative with what’s on hand, I decided to use some packaged ham from the fridge and created “Ham soup” (at least that is what I told the kids)

Bill’s folks also joined us and I knew Karen was about as cautious as the kids when it came to the “peas”!  We made it a point and were careful not to mention the peas as a key ingredient… reservekopie iphone apps downloaden niet. until AFTER everyone was enjoying their bowls and confirmed that they loved it!

1.5 lb migros bank ebanking app. sliced Hickory Smoked Ham
3.5 quarts of Chicken Stock
1 1/2 large Onion
10 medium Carrots
6 stalks of Celery
2 Bay leaf
4 Tablespoons Butter
1 package dry Yellow Split Peas
1 can Evaporated Skim Milk

To prepare this easy and healthy soup, start by rinsing your dried peas.  I let them soak in Luke warm water at room temperature for about 3 hours while I prepared other ingredients and got some tasks done around the house scratch 2 free download chip.


Since I had a number of chicken carcass’ in the freezer, it was time to make home made chicken stock.  Every time I pick up a broasted chicken and have used the majority of the meat for another dish, I save the carcass, skin and any left over drippings from the take out containers and secure them in ziplock packages for the freezer herunterladen. In some cases, there may be two in a bag.  This batch looks to be about six of them.

To make your home made chicken stock:

Place chicken carcass in medium sized pot and just cover with water herunterladen.


After washing all of your vegetables, add all of the onion ends, celery scraps, carrot peelings, etc.  Add the bay leaf and continue to simmer for a couple of hours, stirring every so often pdf neu herunterladen.
While stock is cooking, chop ham (I used an entire package of healthy sliced boneless ham) as well as the vegetables herunterladen.
Saute onions in the butter until they begin to become translucent and begin to caramelized.  Add ham and cook over medium high heat to brown the meat before adding the other vegetables dragon age kostenlos downloaden vollversion.
allow all vegetables and ham to cook, while you prepare the stock by removing the fat hallelujah noten trompete kostenlos.
After stock has rendered down, run through a strainer discarding the scraps, bones and skin.  Only reserving the liquid.  Allow to cool slightly Download windows 10 as iso file.
After removing the fat from the broth, I yielded about 14 cups (or 3.5 quarts)
Mix in yellow peas and allow soup to simmer on low stirring occasionally until soup reduces and thickens.
(at least an hour or two)
To provide a creamier consistency, I added a can of evaporated skim milk.  Add salt & pepper and dry Marjoram and Thyme to taste!
Serve up with fresh dinner rolls.  We chose to make grilled three cheese (white and orange American, along with Provolone) sandwiches on sour dough bread lightly buttered and toasted until lightly browned.
Even the fussiest are still bragging about how much they loved my “HAM soup”!

18 Cup servings.  Roughly 2 to 3 Weight Watcher Points Plus per serving.

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