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Harding Mastering The Isda Master Agreement

Written By: Chris - Sep• 22•21

This is the first book to provide clear, comprehensive and practical guidance on the negotiations on ISDA Framework Agreements, which are essential for any institution involved in derivatives trading. Experienced derivatives trader Paul Harding highlights the complex ISDA document, which is at the heart of most global OTC derivatives transactions – and helps traders master its intricacies much faster and clearly understand the impact of variations that may be requested by their trading partners. If it is used as a basis for the initial training of negotiators, it can often save – or even more – 50% of training costs. Paul Harding begins with the introduction of the global derivatives market and the role of the ISDA Framework Agreement in simplifying and promoting OTC derivative agreements. Paul Harding brings more than ten years of extensive market experience in the theme of this book. . 3-4-761, BarkatpuraShameerpetHyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500027India. Available. Sent in 1 working day from the UK For many negotiators, “Mastering the ISDA Master Agreements (1992 and 2002): a practical guide for negotiation” is a real Bible. The wealth of information presented in the book helped define how negotiations are conducted for ISDA documents.

Overall, this review is extremely positive, but given the trends that are emerging, there are some areas that the author could address in detail in future editions. In 1997, he founded Derivatives Documentation Ltd, a derivatives consulting and project management firm based in the City of London, which provides trading, recruitment and in-house training services in derivatives documentation. Among the clients are many of the world`s leading banks. . Our largest store in the world offers e-books that can be read in a browser, tablet, phone or special device. Available. Expected delivery to Australia within 11-16 business days. Tags: ISDA, derivatives, Paul Harding, book meeting….

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