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Loan Agreement With Co Maker

Written By: Chris - Sep• 26•21

Hello, Rosalyn. The payment of credit depends on the agreement. In this case, it could be a non-prescription payment instead of automatic deductions. Unfortunately, you may feel in a submitted collection case because you are a co-creator of such a loan. I`m just going to ask the co-defendant a question in this case or go to jail??? Hello, that`s me. I paid for a car and only paid for depreciation. “I was told I was a primary borrower, so I was just a co-borrower. And we placed it under my mother`s name as a borrower. Can I legally consider myself the rightful owner of the car I borrowed? Hello.

In fact, I applied for a loan from his oro savings bank. But I still have a balance that I haven`t paid. After saying, they sent letters, calls and even text messages. I don`t answer because I`m afraid of why I don`t really pay because I don`t pay. Second, I am afraid because they say they will bring him to justice. There is an accomplice on my loan. But I don`t think it will happen because I`m not. I wondered if I could go to jail. I don`t have a job. How to make the same borrower and the same competitor.

What will happen? Hello. I would just like to know if my husband should be the co-creator / co-borrower of our home loan? Well, he`s a stranger who suffers from overseas, and I`m a housewife for our newborn. Will be the main borrower and he will be the co-borrower. Thank you. Okay, I signed up with my sister as the co-creator of The Love Loan. They are not legally separated, they need a signature. If you can`t pay for it, it will be a loan? Thank you, Maica. His mother can request a refund from the client if she has paid the loan. As a co-creator, lenders can also ask your mother for a refund to pay the credit obligation in full. And if namatay na yung borrower, will the co-creator still be forced to pay for the borrower`s debt? Can I ask if I have an obligation to pay an obligation owed by my son? My son is 32 years old and does not live with me. But the creditor invites me to pay the money owed by my son.

I am not even his guarantor. Hello. We are not familiar with this, because inheritance tax, which must be paid in, is possible. You can inquire with the Bank about the procedure or get legal help, as it is more familiar with inheritance tax. Hi, Louella. Banks may ask you to submit certain requirements. We advise you to contact your favorite bank, as they are better able to decide whether or not a qualified brother should apply for a car loan. Hello, Gem. Your son is the main borrower and since you are not a co-borrower or co-borrower, you are not required to pay. However, the creditor has to rely on you to be the father, which is why he is running you too. .

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