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Moist Foil Pouch Potatoes (guiltless)

Written By: Chris - Apr• 22•12

I served these grilled delicious, moist foil pouch potatoes along side of the Brined Pork tenderloin dish I recently prepared arialmt kostenlos.

These were made with almost completely fat-free ingredients and I didn’t tell any of my guests until after they tried them and said that they LOVED them that they contained fat-free Greek Yogurt!  When we were first introduced to Greek Yogurt I’ll be honest with you, both Bill and I were a bit skeptical!  It was while on vacation with our friends Althea & Steve and they had eaten it frequently both in the morning and as a desert.  (Since, this has been one of my most favorite ingredients!  I’ve used it to replace mayonnaise and/or butter in many of my dishes and it tastes great without all the guilt!  My favorite brand is “FAGE Total 0%.  There are a few other brands that are pretty good, but be careful!  Many of them are loaded with fat or sugar!) I’ve found that by adding artificial sweetener, it is absolutely delicious with fresh fruit and toasted almonds.  Bill even eats this for a healthy breakfast herunterladen partizip 2!


The other ingredients that they told us about and you will see in my dishes is Brummel & Brown minecraft wiki herunterladen.  This is a butter substitute and it really tastes great!  I am a REAL butter gal, so I was not very optimistic that this one would be any good… We were pleasantly surprised and for half the fat and calories, I find myself reaching for it often.  I do still use Butter, but in moderation.  I will often replace the majority of the butter in a recipe with the Brummel & Brown.  Give it a try and let me know what you think Minecraft demo for free!


2 Large Russet Potatoes
1 Large Onion
3 Tablespoons Brummel & Brown
3/4 Cup Greek Yogurt
Salt & Pepper

Wash potatoes and chop into small cubes.  Chop the onion about the same size deckblatt herunterladen word.
Melt the Brummel & Brown in the microwave and combine with the yogurt.
Add Salt & Pepper to taste.  (consider that you can always add more after cooking, so go light on the salt)

Mix well.  Spray insides of foil with non stick cooking spray and place potatoes into one half of the pouch created by doubling two layers of aluminum foil, folding over to create a square and fold open ends in tightly two or three times to create a seal microsoft store kann nichts herunterladen.

Grill over medium heat flipping occasionally with a tongs and burger spatula being careful not to tear open foil,  Cook for at least 30 minutes download capital bra baby for free.
Be careful when opening, steam is HOT!

We enjoyed this meal when we had the Merlot Vertical tasting geburtstagsgrüße kostenlos downloaden!  Check it out!



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