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Orzo Tomato, Herb and Garbanzo Bean Salad

Written By: Chris - Jun• 10•15

I keep Orzo pasta on hand in my pantry as a staple pasta.  It’s shaped like grains of barley or rice and I seem to use it most for summer salads Download videos from facebook mac.  I also have been trying to incorporate more Garbanzo beans, (also known as chickpeas and legumes) into our diet.  The nutty-flavored beans originated in the Middle East and are grown mainly in India, but can be found in the grocery store canned how can I with itunes.  We usually mash them into hummus, but they are also good roasted; eaten as a snack or tossed into a salad.

There are two basic types of garbanzo beans video downloaden van youtube naar mp4.  The canned ones often found on salad bars are the “kabuli-type.”  They are cream-colored and fairly uniform and rounded in shape, and about twice as large as the second “desi-type.” In addition to being much smaller, desi-type beans are darker (light tan to black in color) and more irregular in shape gpxen op ipad.  Eat garbanzo beans regularly to reap the health benefits they have to offer.  A half-cup of garbanzo beans provides six grams of protein and five grams of fiber Download tolino app books.  They also pack magnesium, potassium and iron; and they are essentially cholesterol and trans fat-free.

I’ve made other orzo salads, but this one is a little different huawei p8 lite fotos herunterladen.  It’s light and refreshing!



2 Cups Orzo
1 15 oz sketchup vollversion kostenlos downloaden. Can Garbanzo Beans, drained and rinsed
2 Cups Grape Tomatoes, halved
1/4 Cup Sweet Onion, minced
3/4 Cup Fresh Basil, chopped
1/4 Cup Fresh Mint, chopped
2/3 Cup Feta Cheese, crumbled
1/3 Cup White Balsamic Vinegar
1/2 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 Tablespoons Fresh Lemon Juice
1 Tablespoon Honey
Salt & Pepper, to taste

IMG_7349 IMG_7350

Cook pasta according to package directions, adding salt to the water Download crysis 3 for free in full.  I don’t like to rinse pasta, but when I’m in a hurry to cool it down, I do on occasion with cool water.

IMG_7352 IMG_7355

Slice tomatoes, mince the onions, and drain and rinse the garbanzo beans you can bluetooth.  Add the onions and beans to the cooled pasta.

IMG_7361 IMG_7356

Chop herbs and add to the pasta and gently fold in the tomatoes chkdsk.

IMG_7359 IMG_7362

blend the vinegar, oil, honey, and lemon juice until emulsified.  Gently stir in with the pasta.

IMG_7363 IMG_7369

Season with salt and pepper, to taste and serve chilled!


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