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Pot Roast

Written By: Chris - Mar• 22•12

If you’ve never tried making a pot roast… just do it!  It’s easy!  This is a crock pot dish that I like to prepare the night before and simply plug-in before work.  The slow cooking does all of the magic.  Nothing beats the delightful and powerful smell that greets you when you open the door after a long day at the office ihre gedcom-datei herunterladen.

This isn’t just a meal for the winter.  Although it is warm and comfort food, it is also nice because in the preparation, you don’t have to heat up the house in warm weather because you don’t have to start the oven tahuna tool herunterladen!


You don’t need a bunch of fancy ingredients and in fact, it’s a use what’s in the refrigerator recipe!  I choose a chuck or an arm roast.  They are inexpensive and with the marbling within, cook down to the most delicious and fork tender roast you will ever enjoy herunterladen!

For the main ingredients along with the arm roast I used a half a package of simply potato wedges, a couple of carrots, an onion, fresh garlic and some cooked potatoes and onions from another meal amazon prime music auf pc herunterladen.


Start by seasoning your beef with salt and pepper.  Then heat a few tablespoons of oil and brown your meat in a saute pan over medium high heat creating a nice dark crust.  Place the raw potatoes and some onions in the bottom of a crock pot that has been sprayed with non stick cooking spray.  You can use some water and something like dry onion soup mix if you don’t want to add much of your own seasonings download firefox older versions.

Place, onions, carrots, crushed garlic, cooked potatoes or any other vegetables you would like to use up out of your fridge!  I added a few sprinkles of dry herbs such as ground Marjoram and Coriander.  Sprinkled with salt and pepper (Lawrey’s is good!) and fresh herbs including Basil or your favorite fluidsim herunterladen.

Add water (or chicken stock) to cover meat completely and leave some of the veggies just exposed to top of crock pot and cover with the lid!  I place the entire insert in the outside extra fridge over night and place in the warmer just before heading to work setting it for 10 hours on low.  If you choose not to prepare it the night before, simply set the crock pot on medium if you need over eight hours, but if you are in a fast mode, it can be done on high for less hours herunterladen.

After a number of hours slow cooking, the entire dish will be darker in color and meat should be perfectly tender.  If you have a lot of fat on the beef, you may need to remove it from the crock pot and separate the fat before placing the meat back with the vegetables and cooking liquid.  Typically, I’m able to just cut the roast into chunks right inside the crock pot and serve it family style herunterladen.

This day, I asked Bill to take a photo of his serving (he served himself) and he obviously likes sour cream on his!

Enjoy ark dinos herunterladen!


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