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Roasted Chicken Cold Salad

Written By: Chris - Jun• 21•12

One of Bill’s favorite things in the world is “Pasta Salad”!  He loves just about any kind of “noodle” and if you put them in a salad, he’s a happy camper.  I’ve begun using wheat  pastas because they are simply better for us to eat.  I still try to avoid preparing salads too often, because of the calories, but all things in moderation, right?!  I also choose to mix “light” ingredients when ever possible and truthfully, no one ever notices.

For Father’s Day, we had friends and family over to celebrate and this was the dish he enjoyed most!


1 12 oz. Package of “Wacky Mac” Wheat pasta
2 Chicken breasts from a broasted chicken
1 Cup Celery
1 1/2 Cup Mayonnaise (I use 1/2 light!)
2 Cups crisp Red Grapes
3 Green Onions
Salt & Pepper

Cook noodles according to package directions for al denté and rinse in cold water to stop the cooking and cool the noodles.
Remove the chicken breasts from the pre-cooked (store-bought) broasted chicken.   (Retain bones and skin in freezer for making stock later!) chop meat into small bite sized pieces.
Chop and dice the onion and celery
Rinse Grapes and cut each in half
Mix salt & pepper with Mayonnaise and grapes and celery.  Mix evenly before adding the cooked pasta noodles.

Salad should be moist!

Best if left refrigerated for several hours before serving.





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