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Roasted Onions and Potato Halves

Written By: Chris - Feb• 28•13

These are simple and delicious sides that I encourage you to give a try!  We just love the sweet, slow roasted goodness of the onions!  I store the extra in the fridge to use within other dishes, so prepare as many as you would like.  The potatoes get a nice crispy golden brown bottom with the insides soft and fluffy!



Russet Potatoes
Whole Onions
Salt & Pepper

Preheat the oven to 400.  Cut the onions and (washed) potatoes in half and season the unpeeled onions with salt and pepper.

IMG_6780 IMG_6782

Place cut side down onto on a baking sheet that has been drizzled with vegetable or olive oil.  Simply roast until the onion skins are deep golden brown and and the inner parts are very tender throughout.  The potatoes take about the same amount of time.   (I took advantage of the oven being on and also roasted some beets and garlic at the same time in foil along side.)  The onions are done when the bottoms, or cut side has turned golden brown and caramelized.  The potatoes will have a crispy, browned bottom and should be soft when pierced with a fork or sharp knife.  It usually takes 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the size.


Before serving, use a kitchen scissors or a knife to cut or slice across the top of each, pulling off the top thick dark layers of skin and discard with the tops. Serve with salt and/or sour cream!


We enjoyed these along side of a nice piece of grilled cod fish, as well as a salad!





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