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Roasted “Winter” Squash

Written By: Chris - Oct• 17•12

So who knew that there were so many varieties of winter squash?!  Since I never turn down a “freebee” and my friend Jen gave me a number of fresh squash from her garden recently, I had to go to work on the Internet trying to figure out what one of the varieties of winter squash was that I had.  Clearly I know Acorn Squash looks like, but there was one type that she had given me that I just couldn’t identify.  I wasn’t sure if it was Butternut, Turban or Kobacha?  It really didn’t matter since I roast a lot of squash this time of year, but I finally gave up the guessing game and just cooked it driverdoc downloaden!

One image looked similar to the squash I had on hand with a description of “squat and green with vertical gray or pale green stripes, the decorative buttercup squash with tender orange flesh has a flavor similar to sweet potato.”  (This it was!) They say it’s available year-round, but peak season lasts from early fall through winter deutsche hörbücher kostenlos.

The squash I had also looked a lot like some of the “Turban” squash images that I saw on line.  “They come in lovely, irregular, turban shapes and a range of mottled green, orange, and yellow colors English audiobooks for free. They have interested bumpy skin and are widely used as decoration. They can, unlike decorative gourds, be roasted and eaten. They have a floury texture that works well in soups or side dishes, but the texture is not as firm as an acorn squash for example once roasted.” 

Another image looked like mine an was called “Kabocha” squash Download step 7 for free.  “they have a remarkably sweet and tender flesh with a slightly nutty flavor. The peel is really more of a rind and is difficult to cut. The dense, smooth, sweet flesh is so tasty it needs very little fuss in preparation.” (This it was!)  Roasting it or slicing and baking it with a bit of butter or oil and salt are all this delicious squash needs vdownloader gratis downloaden. The dense flesh also holds its shaped with cooked, even in liquids, which makes it perfect for using as chunks in soups or steamed dishes.

It all sounded good to me!  Maybe you can help me solve my mystery? herunterladen!


1 Squash
Drizzle of Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Halve and chunk each squash, then scrape out the seeds and stringy membranes download comodo web filter database. Place the pieces flesh side up, in a baking sheet or pan.  Drizzle with Olive Oil  and sprinkle each with salt & pepper.  Cover with foil

Bake for 35 to 45 minutes until soft.  Gently cut away peel.  Chop and use in your favorite dishes download car racing for pc for free!

Enjoy kaspersky herunterladen kostenlos!


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