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Secondment Agreement Employee

Written By: Chris - Oct• 06•21

Employers, as well as reviewing and negotiating sending agreements on behalf of senior managers. The issuer may be sufficiently protected under the existing provisions of the posted employment contract. However, it is likely that it would like to stress the need for confidentiality during the secondment and that it might wish to introduce new restrictive agreements in order to avoid the posting being in competition with the seconded or requiring staff from the secondment. The question of who the employer is is particularly important for the host. This is due to the fact that the law imposes a number of obligations on an employer and a number of rights on the worker. The issuer must, in the context of the posting, transmit to the host person personal data concerning the posted recipient and it is unlikely that such disclosure will require specific consent from the posted worker, as this is in the employer`s “legitimate interest” (paragraph 6, Annex 2, DPA). . . .

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