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Stuffed Jalepeno Peppers with Bacon

Written By: Chris - Jul• 20•12

If you think the jalapeno “poppers” with cream cheese are good at the local pub, you’re going to LOVE these!  They are crazy delicious!  The first time I ever tried a bacon wrapped homemade version similar to these was while camping with friends on a girls-weekend.  I later purchased this nifty hand crafted “pepper rack” made out of steel at a trade show a few years back.  It even came with a seed remover, which I can’t get to operate anything like the fast talking, deal making sales dude who collected the $40 bucks or out of me for the o”ne of a kind gem..”.  Since, I’ve had other friends find their own versions of the racks on line and although they aren’t as heavy or high quality, I’ve even seen them at the local grocery store in the seasonal items Download ms teams!  A paring knife and a cookie sheet work just fine.

These days, because we’re trying to keep the waste lines to a minimal I’ve revised my ingredients to “light” and they are so tasty we still simply can’t get enough of them!  These are great piping hot, at room temperature and even re-heated the next day duolingo kostenlos!

Bill and I both enjoy sweet red, yellow and orange peppers – so we change it up by stuffing all the varieties.  One can never tell just how “hot” the jalapeno’s will be, so by adding some of the sweet peppers to the mix, you can cool down your pallet in between the heat polizei simulator download vollversion kostenlos!


Jalapeno Peppers
Sweet Red, Orange and/or Yellow mini-peppers
Sour Cream (light)
Cream Cheese (1/3 less fat)
Taco and/or Fajita Seasoning packet
Bacon (well, I haven’t reverted to turkey bacon yet, but do make smaller cuts!)

Start by washing and cleaning the peppers.  Cut the end of the pepper removing the stem.  Using a paring knife, remove all of the seeds and inner core of the peppers, which is were the majority of the heat comes from.  If you do not have a pepper rack, cut the peppers lengthwise and fill them that way!  You can cook them on a grill safe skillet or in the oven with the bacon wrapped around them or simply draped over the top! 

Cream together the cream cheese, sour cream & seasoning packet.  (I prefer fajita, but taco works if it’s what you have on hand!)  If chilled, pop the cream cheese into the microwave for a few seconds to soften.   Fill a pastry piping bag (or a thick zip lock bag with the corner cut out) with the mixture for ease of filling peppers

Cut a small “X” in the bottom of each pepper bottom to allow excess juices to escape.  I par-cook the peppers on high in the microwave for two minutes before stuffing.   Using a piping bag, fill each pepper heaping with the cream cheese mixture kinderfilmpjes downloaden op ipad.

Place in holder (or lay lengthwise on cookie sheet or griddle) and drape with bacon

Place on pre-heated grill over medium high heat (or in oven at 375 or 400) and bake with the cover closed for 20-25 minutes until bacon is browning and cooked

I placed a small cake pan under my rack to avoid as much flare up from the bacon drippings.  Allow to cool slightly so that the filling firms up somewhat

Enjoy anonymesen!





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