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Taco layer dip

Written By: Chris - Feb• 19•12

You know me by now… I’m inspired by what’s on hand.  I recycle by using left overs and create things based on what is in the fridge and pantry os x high sierra.

This was one of the appetizers shared during our wine celebration last night with terrific friends facebook chatverlauf herunterladen! I forget the exact words he used, but during the afternoon while I was preparing food in the kitchen – Bill expressed a slight concern he might not have enough to eat.  Usually, he tells me I’ve over done it disney plus auf panasonic fernseher herunterladen.

I was in Apron and having a great time!  On quite a roll with the music going.  The last time I prepared for a gathering was the Christmas day open house where there were a lot of guests… this night there was only going to be nine of us and should have cut back a bit.  Lets say we get carried away and it’s a good thing we saved points for days prior to the National drink wine day!  We had the featured Taco dip with Chips, fresh Veggies and dip, Stuffed Mushrooms, Caprisci salad, a variety of Cheeses, baguette slices, shrimp cocktail, beef meatballs with Chipotle & raspberry sauce, hot Artichoke & Spinach dip, Turkey meatballs with Buffalo seasoning and hot sauce, herbed Chicken wings… Our guests shared cold Spinach dip, fresh Halibut on the grill caught in Alaska, Bacon wrapped Halibut, Figs stuffed with Goat Cheese – wrapped in Prosciutto, some amazing Ham, breaded, Mozzarella baked ball thing Lisa made!…  I think we had more than enough ronny lieder kostenlos downloaden!

about 1 1/2 Cups of left over Mexican Bean Layer Casserole/Dip
1/3 Cup Sour (Lean) Cream
1 package (8 oz.) 1/3 less fat Cream Cheese
1/4 Cup Taco seasoning mix
1/2 Cup cooked left over ground Turkey & Onions

2 Cups shredded Lettuce
1/2 can of Large Black Olives, sliced
1 Tomato, chopped
2/3 shredded Colby Jack Cheese

In food processor, combine sour cream, cream cheese, taco mix, and ground turkey apps downloaden samsung tv 2018. Pure until soft and smooth.  Spread an even layer on the bottom of your favorite serving dish.  Shape of the dish is fun… I typically use White dishes so that the food “Pop’s” itube für iphone herunterladen!

Add lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and black olives.  Serve with plain corn chips.


Cheers! ~Chris

We enjoyed too many wines this evening to mention which was my favorite with this bite!  Ha herunterladen!

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