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Bon Appetite!

Perfect Porterhouse Steak

I was craving a good bone-in steak recently!  We usually reach for the fillet, but spotted a beautiful Porterhouse steak at the grocery store.  T-Bone steaks and Porterhouse steaks are the same. The Porterhouse is just a larger version of the T-Bone because it is carved from the larger portion of the tenderloin.  Because the […]

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Zucchini Bites

Zucchinis (Courgette) are one of Bill’s favorite vegetables.  We both like them “barely” cooked.  They can be available all year round, but they are at their best during late spring and summer seasons.  In the grocery stores, choose small to medium-sized zucchini that are shiny with bright green skin.  They should be firm and sort of […]

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