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Bon Appetite!

White Bean Pork Chili

I’m all about creating dishes based on ingredients that I have on hand in my fridge and/or pantry.  Recently, I had over done it with pork tenderloin and forgot that they typically come two to a package; so when I thawed them to prepare for dinner, there was more than an abundance for just Bill […]

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Cauliflower Soup

Our friend Lisa has been very kind and patient with me…  She first brought this soup over during a social gathering and since, I’ve made it several times download all photos van facebook!  But recently, I was looking the recipe and needed her to send it again!  I modified quantities of some of the ingredients, […]

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Cauliflower Cheesey Bake

We were leaving town and I had an entire package of cauliflower that I wanted to use up before we left so that it wouldn’t go to waste.  It was a two pound package that I had recently picked up at Costco and was equivalent to about one and a half large heads cleaned sonic […]

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