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Bon Appetite!

Shrimp Salad

We’ve been reaching for a lot of Shrimp lately and trying to come up with different dishes to include them.  It’s a low calorie source of protein and happen to be zero point item on the updated Weight Watchers Freestyle™ plan.  ( I recently heard that they are unhealthy and can elevate your cholesterol.  I […]

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Moist Foil Pouch Potatoes (guiltless)

I served these grilled delicious, moist foil pouch potatoes along side of the Brined Pork tenderloin dish I recently prepared arialmt kostenlos. These were made with almost completely fat-free ingredients and I didn’t tell any of my guests until after they tried them and said that they LOVED them that they contained fat-free Greek Yogurt!  […]

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