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Bon Appetite!

Sweet Potatoes

Only a few in our group at the Thanksgiving gathering actually enjoy sweet potatoes, but I do!  My dear friend Jen and her family were up for the holiday hp druckertreiberen.  She and I had been talking about the menu for days and since she and her daughter also like them, I decided to try […]

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Blackened Catfish with Mashed Sweet Potatoes

I spotted some fresh catfish at the market the other day and it smelled very fresh!  And since Bill’s been wanting to incorporate more fish into our diets, this was a perfect find!  He requested blackened, which seems to be his favorite lately software video! Blackening is a cooking technique used in the preparation of […]

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Baked Sweet Potato Fries

We’ve been incorporating more sweet potatoes into our diet and generally when cooking I try to bake rather than fry!  These are a very simple recipe for baking and we all really enjoy them.  If you want, you an add additional seasoning and spices such as paprika, garlic powder, etc.  Just toss it with the […]

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Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

I’m always looking for creative ways to use ingredients that I have on hand.  Recently, I had plans and wasn’t planning to be home for dinner with Bill.  I had some left over rotisserie chicken and he loves sweet potatoes, so I decided to stuff one for his meal download the housing benefit application! Sweet […]

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