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Umass Lowell Articulation Agreements

Written By: Chris - Apr• 13•21

MassTransfer is a national network of agreements between Massachusetts colleges, Massachusetts State Universities and the University of Massachusetts Campus. Transfer contracts help ensure that you take the right courses and optional subjects in your program so that you can benefit from a smooth transfer from the NECC to the university or university of your four-year choice. We have more than 100 transfer contracts with public and private universities and universities at the local, regional, national and international levels. There are active transfer contracts with UMass Lowell: this partnership complements the articulation agreement and offers more flexibility. It allows students to take additional YCCC courses for this degree and to take Husson courses when offered on the YCCC Wells campus. Click on the link for more information. Note: All transmission agreements are PDF and require an Adobe Reader to display. It can be downloaded for free from Adobe`s website. Middlesex Community College has developed the following articulation chords. These agreements are intended to facilitate the transfer process and allow a student to specifically plan a course tailored to a bachelor`s program selected from a selected university or university. Bath Spa University Mount Ida College has collaborated with private and public colleges to develop transfer options for all academic programs and obtain approvals from the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education (BHE). The table below shows a breakdown of the majors at Mount Ida College and the corresponding schools for each major with which a formal transfer contract has been signed and approved by the BHE.

In addition to the following list, we continue to work with additional schools for each university program, as described in previous transition updates, as well as with previous electronic communications to students. This table will be updated when delegation agreements are formally approved by the BHE. Joint agreements (also known as transfer agreements) have been developed to facilitate the process of transferring students from the Community to UMass Lowell. We have agreements with public and private community colleges in Massachusetts, as well as with other countries and countries. These transfer agreements are specific to university programs, and you are encouraged to work closely with your community transfer advisor. In addition to the transfer agreements listed below, MassTransfer offers many transfer channels within public higher education in Massachusetts. Read more: MassTransfer Pathways Assumption CollegeCastleton UniversityWorcester Polytechnic Institute BS Early Childhood Education | Signed in 2003, updated in 2015 . UMass Lowell is constantly working to clarify and adopt articulation agreements with community colleges.

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