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Under This Agreement In Romana

Written By: Chris - Oct• 12•21

In 1974, Ceaușescu transformed his position as president of the Council of State into a full-fledged executive presidency. He was first elected to this position in 1974 and re-elected every five years until 1989. In the following years, Ceaușescu pursued an open policy towards the United States and Western Europe. Romania was the first Warsaw Pact country to recognize West Germany, the first to join the International Monetary Fund and the first to receive an American president, Richard Nixon. [17] In 1971, Romania became a member of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. Romania and Yugoslavia were also the only Eastern European countries to conclude trade agreements with the European Economic Community before the fall of the Eastern bloc. [18] Reproductive promotion measures included financial incentives for families giving birth to children, guaranteed maternity leave and childcare allowances for mothers who returned to the workplace, women`s occupational health and safety, and full access to medical check-ups at all stages of pregnancy and beyond. Medical check-ups were considered one of the most productive effects of the law, as all women who became pregnant were also cared for by a qualified doctor in rural areas. In some cases, if a woman was not able to attend a doctor`s office, a doctor would visit her at home.

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