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Bon Appetite!

Homemade Wheat Pasta

So I’ve been wanting to make some wheat pasta since my new pasta machine attachments arrived some time ago.  I did a lot of looking on thee web of what people had success with and decided I would go with a 50-50 Whole Wheat/White Flour Mix.  I still choose the healthier option of omitting the […]

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Fresh Wheat Pasta with Marinara & Mozzarella

I recently posted the recipe for my homemade fresh Wheat pasta.  I intended on making a red sauce with some fresh Basil and Mozzarella that I had on hand herunterladen! An enjoyable way for me to spend my time off on weekends, is in the kitchen!  Recently the kids were all coming for dinner – […]

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Homemade pasta! Sharing my kitchen!

So I splurged and finally bought myself some toys that I’ve had my eye’s on for quite some time…  I did wait until Kohl’s had a sale and was able to use an additional 30% off coupon, but it was still tough to pull the trigger!  These accessories to the mixer cost more than the […]

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