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Baked Halibut with Pistachio Crust

Halibut are fish that live and feed on or near the bottom of sea.  They live in the North Pacific and the North Atlantic oceans.  It is the largest of the flatfish and one of the largest of the saltwater fish with weights as much as 660 pounds.  I first ate this kind of fish years ago, […]

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Manila Clams with White Wine Sauce

Venerupis philippinarum (Common name is “Manila” Clam) is an edible species of saltwater clams.  The shell is elongated, oval, and sculptured with radiating ribs foto’s downloaden app.  It’s color is commonly grayish, greenish, brownish, yellow or buff with distinct dark or light colored triangular mottled markings that begin at the umbo (beak area of the clam) […]

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