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Bon Appetite!

Crispy Pan Fried Poleta Sticks

I recently posted the Polenta and Guyere cheese recipe. What I failed to mention is that it makes a lot! I actually diverted from the directions on the package, which started with two cups of dried corn grits. Thank goodness, or we’d have been eating polenta for days! As it is, we only ate a […]

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BBQ Pork Sandwiches

I try to create dishes based on ingredients that I have on hand! I recently had some left over Pork Tenderloin, had a small part of a slab of restaurant dry-rubbed baby back pork ribs and decided they would be delicious transformed into easy barbeque sandwiches along some delicious Cole-slaw that my friend Mel had […]

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Italian stuffed Peppers

Peppers can be stuffed with just about anything that you have on hand to create a delicious, rich dinner.  This looks so rich and cheesy that you might assume it’s really bad for you?  Well it’s not!  Just check out what’s in it as it is actually a pretty light dinner!  You may choose light […]

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