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Bon Appetite!

Crispy Pan Fried Poleta Sticks

I recently posted the Polenta and Guyere cheese recipe Command and conquer download full version german free. What I failed to mention is that it makes a lot! I actually diverted from the directions on the package, which started with two cups of dried corn grits music videos youtube legally. Thank goodness, or we’d have […]

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BBQ Pork Sandwiches

I try to create dishes based on ingredients that I have on hand! I recently had some left over Pork Tenderloin, had a small part of a slab of restaurant dry-rubbed baby back pork ribs and decided they would be delicious transformed into easy barbeque sandwiches along some delicious Cole-slaw that my friend Mel had […]

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Italian stuffed Peppers

Peppers can be stuffed with just about anything that you have on hand to create a delicious, rich dinner.  This looks so rich and cheesy that you might assume it’s really bad for you?  Well it’s not!  Just check out what’s in it as it is actually a pretty light dinner!  You may choose light […]

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